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Since January 1st, 2005, public European companies apply the IFRS standards to their reported accounts. Private European companies may select this option for reasons of business strategy (looking for financial partners, comparing accounts, ...).

Adopting the IFRS standards has a significant impact on a number of strategic decisions, especially regarding M&A, financial management, indebtedness and compensation policies.

Accounting management

MJM Expertise specializes in giving expert advice to French and foreign companies.

We can assist you with putting in place operating and reporting procedures intended for local and/or international management. We define the accounting structures that optimize the development and reliability of these reports.

We are available to help you design, create and install the tools you need to manage your company's financial projections, financial packages, budgets and follow-up.

Finally, we can intervene in the control of costs analysis. We advise you on how to set up accounting and record keeping systems so you can track and manage costs.

Accounting systems

MJM Expertise sets up accounting and financial analysis systems for each business activity to analyze its costs and profitability, information that is essential for the good management of a company. Our team can provide bookkeeping and accounting oversight at your office or ours, whichever you prefer.

If you do not have the internal resources, we can handle your bookkeeping and accounting needs, group reporting, including company secretarial services, registration of your corporate documentation, document filing, creation of detailed financial statements and the timely preparation of tax returns. We can also administer your payroll services.

All companies doing business in France are required to produce annual reports that comply with the requirements and deadlines established under French Law. You can rely on our team to wrap up your year-end financial statements in conformity with legal requirements.

Tax returns

We can prepare your personal and business tax declarations and assist you in the event of a tax audit. We will help you build legal and fiscal solutions within the framework of our engagement.


Contractual audit

Our focus is on the business behind the numbers and we use financial data as a tool to provide added value. We utilize and interpret information, and together with clients, identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency.

This can lead to :

  • - Fair value and Merger audits ;
  • - Due diligence, Acquisition audits ;
  • - Specialized audits such as: analysis of management, internal control and business analysis, ...



Companies evaluation

Whenever the opinion of an independent expert on the evaluation of your assets is needed, we can help make your reflection more accurate, and will help you to implement your projects. Our methodology is based on the thorough understanding of companies and business environments, on the access to numerous sources of financial information and on evaluation models. Strict compliance with the professional ethics, notably as regards independence, guarantees reliability of the values determined.

Advice for entrepreneurs

We can help with your business "start-up". We can advise you about the choice of legal structure, formalize your business plan, and prepare the documents required by the banks and business partners.

This involves setting up budgets and preparing operating reports to track the budgets and transactions, and to anticipate what decisions have to be made.

We will also assist you with cash-flow management and funding.

Once you have decided on a project, we will take care of the registration of you new venture.